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The Meyers


It’s a big decision for people. We knew what we wanted to do, but there are people who are on the fence about should we sell our home…This is the best move we’ve ever made and I can say that truthfully. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

The Fennels


If you live in a home alone and if your spouse needs extended care or home health care, you can get it but you need to oversee and pay for it. At a place like ParkSprings…it’s done for you. All you do is pick up the phone and say “we need help”.

The Davis’s


If I just want to rest or read, I don’t have to worry about cooking–just come on down to the dining room. You can [also] call the Bistro and have dinner sent to our villa — it’s just wonderful! You may decide to keep your pajamas on all day, which would be perfectly alright!

Jack Scott


Having looked at several others, I feel Park Springs is just better. It’s physical beauty is one of the things. In that it stands above [the rest]. In addition, the manner in which it’s run, the care that’s given to the people who live here…it just has a lot going for it.

Avis Fox


I looked at some retirement communities before I came here. They were way out. I couldn’t have gone to the art museum or the symphony easily — or any of the other things that Atlanta offers. I think we are very fortunate. We’re still in the country, but we’re only 30 minutes from the major city and it makes a huge difference to me.