Purpose-driven Design

At Isakson Living, our approach to creating communities is founded on a driving passion to serve our Members as if they are a part of our own family. Born out of a personal need, Andy Isakson was determined to find a true home for his parents, who were facing challenges living in their lifelong home.

From this came a vision to create a place for living well. Where every individual is honored for who they are and how they choose to live. This extends to every facet of the communities. The commitment is woven through the design, development, and ongoing service that’s tailored to our Members’ individual preferences.

Expanding the terms of Living Independently

Members who choose Isakson Living may be in some type of transition. But this next phase of their lives is intended to be seamless and centered on their individual wants and needs no matter what age or life stage they are experiencing. There is no monolithic group here – every Member has lived a unique life and we respect where they’ve come from and who they are now. The acknowledgment of individualism is what drives us to create and sustain living communities where our Members are respected, supported, and encouraged to honor themselves. In doing so, they are empowered to live on their own terms in an atmosphere that’s conducive to doing exactly that. This affords the ability to live independently, live well, and to flourish.

Person-Centered Living

Unlike many senior living communities our model is not one that fits all. This way of living is centered on living uniquely well. It can’t be classified as a community for 55+ or boomers or whatever label that may seem easy to apply but lacks nuance. Isakson Living stands apart in the way it focuses on honoring the individual – who they are, how they choose to spend their time, what kind of environment they enjoy and when they want to do what they want to do. Living here is based on an individual’s choice. Independence at every stage of life is the goal for every Member. And this sense of empowerment is what propels our Members to thrive. You can feel the impact of this approach with every Member we serve.

Friends Who Work Here

This commitment to the individual permeates everything we do. So, our Associates are invested in the relationships they develop, getting to know Members, understanding their unique histories, their personal preferences and what truly matters to their sense of place and home. The connections they are building are meaningful and authentic, strengthening the sense of community that is such an integral part of living a fulfilling life. And these relationships aren’t limited to Associates and Members. It’s not uncommon to see someone on our leadership team having lunch or walking the grounds and talking to Members. And one of our Associates lives at Peachtree Hills Place full time. This is how personally invested we are in this model of living.

Engaging Lifestyles

Our approach to creating a sense of place is holistic – we’re focused on going beyond anyone’s expectations of what this “type” of community might be like. This commitment is reflected in every facet of what we do. Designed for living, our amenity-rich communities offer Members rewarding activities that promote learning, exploration, and engagement. Whether it’s a class in one of our dedicated art studios or an organized outing to a cultural event, there is always an interesting experience on tap, but never forced. There can be set schedules or Members are encouraged to do their own thing.

Life and Wellness

Our Members enjoy convenient access to comprehensive health without ever having to leave our campuses. Isakson Living is one of the few communities where you will find full-service on-site Wellness Clinics staffed by a nurse practitioner and our own physician.

This environment we cultivate is a positive place – you can feel it when you walk on the property or enter one of our community areas. Members are enjoying themselves and each other. And our Associates are a part of this positive energy.